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KI Renovation Project

The KI NEXT building renovation is on track for completion in August, 2018. The new campus will be the Jewish HUB of Brookline & Greater Boston featuring a brand new early childhood education space with many exciting features:

  • Single security perimeter for all classrooms & preschool offices

  • In-room bathroom facilities for each classroom

  • Expansion of toddler space to include two classrooms

  • Quality carpentry including built-in storage, shelving, and cubbies

  • Large windows providing lots of natural lighting in classrooms

  • Dedicated playground adjacent to the school

KI Preschool During the Construction Project

The KI community is proud to be have our renovation project underway. The work is targeted to be complete in August, 2018, in time for our brand-new school to open the doors of its new classrooms, offices, indoor play spaces and playground in September, 2018!

Our classrooms have all relocated to the Epstein Wing of the KI Campus, away from the construction site, and our program has operated successfully in this temporary configuration for a year already. We are prepared to share space with some of KI’s other programs when school is not in session (afternoons, evenings, and weekends) but while school is in session our classrooms are located within a secure perimeter.

While our playground is under construction we have created two outdoor play and learning spaces: in our courtyard, and on the corner of Williams and Harvard Streets.  In these two areas children will have the opportunity to engage in gross motor activities, which will including sand play, climbing, planting, and riding toys. Our new “outdoor classrooms”  facilitate small group learning, exploration, and nature discovery.   

We are fortunate to be located in the wonderful Brookline area with plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures. With the help of additional staff when necessary, our students will be venturing to neighborhood playgrounds which are within a short walk of our campus. In addition, our teachers have planned some exciting “field trips” for our students around the area: The Fire Station, Library, and Bakery to name a few.  Our teachers are excited to have this opportunity to take advantage of the good weather and use the community to enrich the classroom curriculum.